Boomerang Testimonials

Pet Odors Are Gone and it’s Easier to Breathe

“Our basement was musty, and we had cat odors in our carpet. Your unit cleaned up the musty smell within a day, and the cat smell was gone within a week! I put the unit in my bedroom because my dogs spend time in there, and within hours, the room smelled great. “Now I wake up in the morning without a stuffed-up head. I always had attributed every miserable morning to my allergies. Now I feel pretty good all day. I am definitely planning to purchase another unit.” -- Mike A.

Sickness Moves Out Quickly

"Since we purchased the Boomerang, we haven't run it all the time. After "cleaning out" after we first got it we just don't think of it as often, until somebody begins sneezing or feels like they have a sore throat. Then we run to turn it on and take some herbs for the immune system. The really cool thing is that by the next day all symptoms are gone. We've always taken the herbs ... but adding the Boomerang to it really makes it work fast! We love it!" -- Dee Powell

Freshens the Air in the Church Nursery

“I am a pastor in the Early Childhood Department of a very large church. We have tried many things in our baby rooms to freshen the atmosphere. None of the products that we tried ever did the job [until now]. When I go into those rooms now, the air is no longer offensive, and we have 26 newborns in one room for at least two hours at a time!” -- Kathryne L.

Great-Smelling House Means Greater Peace of Mind

“Your product is wonderful. Within a week my home was improved. My house smells crisp and fresh each time I come home. My friends and family can’t believe how small and powerful and quiet [the air sanitizer] is. Since I started using your product, my social life has improved and so has my peace of mind. Thanks.” -- Iain J., Fla.
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